Rhine Valley

Rhine Valley is super nice for a short trip. The most beautiful part is between Koblenz and Rüdesheim. I had an one-day trip with the KD ship (Köln Düsseldorfer Deutsche Rheinschiffahrt). Here is the homepage:


You can find time table and ticket information here.

My recommendation: travel with the ship from Koblenz to Assmanshausen. Then take the cable car at Assmanshausen to the top of the mountain to enjoy the panorama view of the valley. After waking about 40 min you reach the Niederwalddenkmal, a huge monument located above Rüdesheim. From here you can take cable car again down to the Rüdesheim, which is famous of winemaking. In the town you should definitely taste a glass of Riesling or grape juice.

Rhine Valley


Christmas market Aachen — Part 2

The most beautiful Christmas market in Germany and the 2nd best in Europe 🙂 


Every year before Christmas the squares and streets round the Cathedral and the Aachen Town Hall are transformed into a paradise of lights and colours, festive sounds and seductive smells. The glorious fair in the Christmas City, which has been erected with great care and sentiment, fascinates both the young and the old. The enormous choice between original, stylish and precious goods makes small and big dreams come true.”

Christmas market 1

Christmas market 2

Random photos recently

First snow 2014


Lindor addiction


Cake time


Party season — vintage look

20s party


Wikipedia: a traditional German alcoholic drink for which a rum-soaked sugarloaf is set on fire and drips into mulled wine. It is often part of a Christmas tradition. The name translates literally to fire-tongs punch.


Vapour trial


Above the clouds


Lake Constance (Bodensee)

Boden lake 1 Boden lake 2

Christmas market Aachen — Part 1

They say Aachen has one of the beautiful Christmas markets in Germany. Every year come many foreigners to visit the traditional Christmas market of Aachen.  

Here is the information about the market this year.


This Friday was the opening  and it was really crowed. Love the atmosphere on the market. ❤

Some photos shot on Friday:

Christmas Market 1 Christmas Market 2

Go go goal!

Black/red/yellow, I am ready for FIFA Worldcup tonight : Germany vs USA 🙂 I keep it simple because I have to work before the game. If Germany could play in the final I will show you a real fan look 😀

Football Fan look


Today I visited Monschau,  a lovely tiny historical town in Eifel nature park, west Germany. It is so small that you only need 10 min. to walk through the whole town. But if you take your time, do some window shopping, enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, you can definitely spend several hours in this wonderful place.

Monschau 1 20140330

We switch to summer time in Germany today and it feels really like in summer, over 20 °C ! They say it is the warmest beginning of the summer time since 100 years! My outfit today: navy style, very summer 😀

Monschau 2 20140330


Happy carnival — Rose Monday (Rosenmontag)

In Germany, Rose Monday is the highlight of the whole Carnival celebration. There are big parades in many cities and towns, especially in Cologne. People are with fancy costumes and good mood, singing, dancing, drinking. There is really a lot of fun :D. 

Rosenmontag 20140303 2

Rosenmontag 20140303 3

Rosenmontag 20140303 1

Happy carnival — Fat Thursday (Fetter Donnerstag)

Carnival is a very important festival in the regions along the river Rhine, especially in North Rhine Westphalia. On the fat Thursday you can see many peoples with different interesting costumes walking on the street or even at the work. There are parties everywhere, with special carnival music. Everyone is happy! This year I didn’t have time to prepare my costume and just pretended as a japanese for the party. Well, a Chinese dresses as a Japanese, not very creative, but I still had fun. 

I don’t own a Kimono but I has a short morning gown in japanese style. Lynn has made a very beautiful red flower by herself for me which matches so well to the outfit. The red fan was a gift two years ago. So, without extra cost I had my carnival costume. 

20130228 Karneval Fetter donnerstag

Schloss Drachenburg


An absolutely lovely castle in the small town Königswinter. 

More information: http://www.schloss-drachenburg.de/content_EN/discovery_tour/history.html


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