Summer hat

Hat is one of my favorite accesorries. Beautiful hats are not only stylish and they also protect us from strong UV light in summer.  I know many women (especially white women) enjoy long exposure under sun shine, but it is really a bad habit for the skin. In Asien like China, Japan and Korea the women use umbrella made from special textile against sun light, however it would be very strange in European if a woman does the same. Thus a summer hat like this is a nice alternative. 🙂




Paris — Château de Versailles

With train RER line C (there are different lines of RER C, the C5 VICK is the right one) to the last station Versailles River Gauche you reach the palace of Versailles. Again I recommend you to buy the ticket early. I didn’t do this and had to wait 40 minutes at ticket office. You can choose only to visit the palace (2~3 hours, ) or palace + garden (3~4 hours), or palace + garden + the Grand / Petit Trianon and Marie-Antoinette’s estate (5~6 hours)

Ticket office and the entrances are seperatet. Entrance A is to the palace, H is to the garden and other areas. The waiting time at entrance A is about 40 min. ~ 1 hour in the tourist season, but to the garden only a few minutes. I was at first in the garden and Trianon Palaces and Marie-Antonette’s estate, then I came back to the palace. I thought the line must be shorter than that in the morning, but unfortunately I was wrong. After 45 min. I entered the palace. If you need audio guide, there is another waiting line! 20 min., I guess. It was 5 pm, I only have 90 min. left (the palace is closed at 6:30 pm) so I skipped the audio guide.  it was so crowded even in late afternoon and I had no interest to take photos anymore. There are only a few photos of the palace:

Versailles 1

Here are some photos about the gardens. I personlly like the Marie-Antoinette’s garden (photo #4~ #7) very much, which is very lovely and has a quite different style than the other places of the Versailles. 

Versailles 2

Some photos of me 🙂 The rose necklace fits the garden quite well 😛 and the pink tights (#Falke#, I am just obssesed with the colorful tights from Falke!) are really delightful. ❤ The last two photos are with sketch effect, just a small experiment. 

Versailles 3

My new hat and scarf

I bought the hat in a local shop in Aachen. I am not sure what’s the color of this new hat exactly? A color between pink and purple? The day after I got the silk scarf from a friend as a present. How I love the cute cat-print! These two new accessories are just so delightful and match each other surprisingly well. 



Red and black

red and black 20140304

Hello from China

I have almost forgotten that the initial idea of this blog site is about fashion.  Well, my last post of my outfit was on Nov. 11, 2013. Definitely I have shared too many travel photos in the last two months. The first reason for the lack of outfits photos is I am busy with other stuff. Second, in winter the lighting of my apartment in Germany is really not that good.

Since a few days I am on holiday with my family in China. My room here is very bright and I will certainly go shopping for my wardrobe, so I hope I can upload more outfits in the next time.


Sweater and Blouse: H&M
Necklace: Fossil

PS. WordPress is actually not accessible from Mainland, China. With a special program I can open the site, however very slowly and unsteadily.  Probably I can’t upload quite often. Sorry about that.

Pink it up!

This hot pink can definitely cheer me up in such gloomy winter.

pink it up

Perfect time for hats

There is no better time than winter to wear hats. They not only keep us warm but also make us stylish. Furthermore, if you have no time or no idea to do your hair, hat is a perfect solution!


Currently loving

1. Blouse in navy blue (Millows). Here are three outfits with it. Apparently there will be more possible combinations with this blouse. The most beautiful part is the black lace on the back.

2. Black wool hat (H&M). Recently I am wearing this hat almost every day, even though some friends find it not so cool. 😛 Anyway, I am loving it.

3. Triple belt in three colors (Esprit), very practical and versatile.

Currently loving 1


Currently loving 2


Currently loving 3

Attention: Skull!

The combination of soft and hard is absolutely my favorite. So metal, rivet and skull are the important elements in my outfits. I am totally a skull fan. Here are some nice pictures I collected from Internet. You see skull can be designed in clothing, shoes, bags and other accessories.

Skull 2

Alexander McQueen was the MASTER to create the skull trend in high fashion. This is the collection 2013. All the items are gorgeous, especially the clutches and the bracelet. But I can not afford any one of them. 😦  They are so expensive…

Skull Alexander McQueen

My chiffon skull scarf is only 10 Euro with surprisingly good quality. The sweater costs 50 Euro and earrings 7 Euro. I am very satisfied with them. 😀


a sunny saturday afternoon in zoo

Zoo is always a special part of childhood memory. Yesterday I visited the small zoo in Aachen to practice my photography. More than 1700 animals in 250 different species are living here. (But there is no giraffe and alpaca 😦 ) In this zoo the visitors can watch the animals closely and cages are only for the dangerous animals such as eagle or hunting leopard.

Some animal photos:

Aachener Tierpark

my outfit:

Aachen Tierpark OutfitRecently I am just loving the combination of such kind of  single color tops, shorts or skirts to highlight the colorful summer accessories. 

Top: Vero Moda
Shorts: Volcom
Necklace: I am
Bracelet: own combination
Sandals: United Colors of Benetton

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