The first thing I will do after I move to Bonn…




how exciting! 


Random photos recently

 There are so many changes in my life and I become terribly busy now. Next month, new city, new job, I am really excited.

Thanks to this delicious chocolate cake one hour before my final round interview, I have gotten the job 🙂 


New hair color. My original hair is black, totally black, just like my scarf and hat.Everyone says I have beautiful black hair, but I always prefer brown.

new hair color

Hotpot. I could not fly home for the Chinese new year so I celebrated with some friends in a nice restaurant in Düsseldorf. Yummy!


Karvenal. If you want to see the most crazy site of German people, you should join the Karvenal parties in North Rhine-Westphalia. The best thing about Karnevel is that you can wear whatever you like.

Karvenal 1

The Dutch fries is really amazing! with this sweet mustard source is 2X amazing! ❤ Why can’t I find such delicious fries in Germany? 


But it is not difficult to find good ice cream shops in Germany 😀


A cute bench seat, as I saw it at first, I thought I could buy it for my new flat. After I got close and saw the price clearly …… 


I still love pink, different shades of pink, I just love them.  



I barely cook recently, but I still have many food photos from past I haven’t shared yet. I will try to upload them when I have time.

Meat ball noodle

Red lips

red lip

red lip 2

Merry Christmas

May the light of love shine upon you and your loved ones ♥

My Christmas look is simple, red, red, and more red. 


Perfect fragrance for Christmas

Jo Malone

Cute Jasmin and her tiny Christmas tree 🙂


The season of chocolate

Chocolate box

Random photos recently

First snow 2014


Lindor addiction


Cake time


Party season — vintage look

20s party


Wikipedia: a traditional German alcoholic drink for which a rum-soaked sugarloaf is set on fire and drips into mulled wine. It is often part of a Christmas tradition. The name translates literally to fire-tongs punch.


Vapour trial


Above the clouds


Lake Constance (Bodensee)

Boden lake 1 Boden lake 2

Golden autumn afternoon


Super C 2

Fancy Friday

Many companies have ”casual Friday”, however,  most of my colleagues are in casual outfits everyday. Therefore some colleagues have suggested that we should introduce ”fancy / fashion Friday” so that we can also come to our work place with stylish clothing. 

Fashion Friday

Some random photos recently

The best cupcake ever: ”sweet dream” ❤

Foto (1)_副本

My new accessory

Obviously it is a very heavy necklace, but in Germany people say: wer schön sein will muss leiden (you have to suffer to be beautiful). 😛


Lemon chicken wings

I have tried so many different ways to cook chicken wings, this one is definitively the best. The recipe is a little bit weird, because it is my own creation based on several classical recipes of chicken wings. Perhaps I will make an extra post about it.

Lemon Chickenwing

Zeit für Genuss

The last coffee time with a friend, who left Germany today for good.  I have no idea when and where we can meet each other again but I will miss the joyful moments.

Foto 1

Casual holiday look

Plaid blouse + jeans shorts + backpack = casual look for holiday @ Antwerpen

I absolutely love my new backpack. It is cute, stylish yet very functional. 

plaid blouse



Tom and Jerry

This tee is so delightful ❤ ❤ ❤  because Tom and Jerry was the best part of my childhood.

Tom and Jerry

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