Random photos recently

 There are so many changes in my life and I become terribly busy now. Next month, new city, new job, I am really excited.

Thanks to this delicious chocolate cake one hour before my final round interview, I have gotten the job 🙂 


New hair color. My original hair is black, totally black, just like my scarf and hat.Everyone says I have beautiful black hair, but I always prefer brown.

new hair color

Hotpot. I could not fly home for the Chinese new year so I celebrated with some friends in a nice restaurant in Düsseldorf. Yummy!


Karvenal. If you want to see the most crazy site of German people, you should join the Karvenal parties in North Rhine-Westphalia. The best thing about Karnevel is that you can wear whatever you like.

Karvenal 1

The Dutch fries is really amazing! with this sweet mustard source is 2X amazing! ❤ Why can’t I find such delicious fries in Germany? 


But it is not difficult to find good ice cream shops in Germany 😀


A cute bench seat, as I saw it at first, I thought I could buy it for my new flat. After I got close and saw the price clearly …… 


I still love pink, different shades of pink, I just love them.  



I barely cook recently, but I still have many food photos from past I haven’t shared yet. I will try to upload them when I have time.

Meat ball noodle


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