The first thing I will do after I move to Bonn…




how exciting! 


Song of the day — Salted wound

Salted Wound by Sia,  from the ”Fifty Shades Of Grey”

The movie is stupid, but the original soundtrack album, WOW!

Random photos recently

 There are so many changes in my life and I become terribly busy now. Next month, new city, new job, I am really excited.

Thanks to this delicious chocolate cake one hour before my final round interview, I have gotten the job 🙂 


New hair color. My original hair is black, totally black, just like my scarf and hat.Everyone says I have beautiful black hair, but I always prefer brown.

new hair color

Hotpot. I could not fly home for the Chinese new year so I celebrated with some friends in a nice restaurant in Düsseldorf. Yummy!


Karvenal. If you want to see the most crazy site of German people, you should join the Karvenal parties in North Rhine-Westphalia. The best thing about Karnevel is that you can wear whatever you like.

Karvenal 1

The Dutch fries is really amazing! with this sweet mustard source is 2X amazing! ❤ Why can’t I find such delicious fries in Germany? 


But it is not difficult to find good ice cream shops in Germany 😀


A cute bench seat, as I saw it at first, I thought I could buy it for my new flat. After I got close and saw the price clearly …… 


I still love pink, different shades of pink, I just love them.  



I barely cook recently, but I still have many food photos from past I haven’t shared yet. I will try to upload them when I have time.

Meat ball noodle


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