Antwerp — food and drink

For me, one of the most beautiful things of travel is to try some special local restaurants and bars. This time I followed tips (1. and 2.) from ”USE-IT” guides for the 1-day trip in Antwerp.

1. Lunch in a seafood reastaurant in Moroccan community. Here you can compile a personal mix of fresh seafoods, delicious and cheap! This big plate cost 24€.


2. Bergian beer in the oldest bar Quinten Matsijs. The alcohol concentration of Bergian beer is really high, over 7%.  I orded the special cherry beer, which I also had in Brugge. I love the red color and the sweet cherry taste. 


3. Interesting mini cocktail bar. This young man opened the mini bar outside his mother’s vintage shop. He made this ”mojito” like the classic one but added fresh basil leaves and a lit cinnamon stick. You can’t taste the cinnamon from the mojito, but you can smell it.


4. Dinner in a Chinese restaurant. Antwerp has the biggst China Town of Bergium, which is directly next to the central railway station. Here you can get real original Chinese food and the roast duck is absolutely the must try dish. The steamed Dim Sum were also fantastic. 

China Town


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