This month in photos

White dinner  (Diner en blanc) in Cologne 

This is an organised open door picnic with live music and entertainment. Tables and chairs were set up in white and everyone should show up in white. This event comes from Paris and spreads throughout the world

White dinner Köln

Supercup 2014  Borussia Dortmund  BVB vs. FC Bayern Munich

My first time to watch football live in a stadium in Germany, and the atmosphere was amazing. 

Supercup 2014

New plaid dress

This dress has become so many compliments, which I didn’t expect. As I saw it in the shop I just thought I don’t have a plaid dress so I took it. Apparently I made a right decision. 🙂

Kariert Kleid

Pink shoes

Now I even have a pair of pink shoes. 😀  I cannot describe how I love them. 

Pink shoes

Salad with stir-fried beef and cashew

Rocket salad, cherry tomaten, carrot,stir-fried beef and cashew, a very delicious combination.

Salad with stir fried beef





Song of the day — feeling of being


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