Stir-fried shrimp with celery

Stir-fried shrimp with celery

This is a very popular summer dish in China, light but tasty.


  • 150 ~ 200 g celery  
  • 100 g shrimp (fresh or frozen), medium size
  • 1 clove of garlic, cut into thin slices.
  • 1 small red chili, minced.
  • Salt, pepper, rice wine and cornflour (for marinating shrimp)


1. Marinate shrimp with a bit of salt, pepper, 3/4 tsp cornflour and 1 tsp rice wine for 10 ~15 minutes. 

2. Cut celery into strips and blanch them for 30 seconds.

3. Add oil to wok,  put chili and garlic into hot oil, when the aroma of garlic and chili comes out, add shrimp and stir well for ~10 seconds. Put celery into wok and stir all the ingredients together. Afterthat use some light soja sauce (not the dark soja sauce) and oyster sauce (optional) to flavor the dish.

ps: The whole process in wok should not longer than 1 minute, and it is important that the oil should be very hot before you put shrimp into wok.


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