Salad with fresh fig

This is a very easy recipe: salad with fresh fig, a really wonderful combination of vegetables and fruit. Without fig it is just a normal, boring salad, but the addition of fresh fig makes it immediately interesting . 

Salad with Fig

  • Ingredients: cornsalad, cherry tomato, maize and fresh fig.
  • Dressing: olive oil, balsamico, salt and pepper.

Another nice salad recipe with fig from Jamie Oliver I will try next time:


Wonton soup

Wikipedia : Wonton (or Wantan) is made by spreading a square wrapper  flat in the palm of one’s hand, placing a small amount of filling in the center, and sealing the wonton into the desired shape by compressing the wrapper’s edges together with the fingers. Adhesion may be improved by moistening the wrapper’s inner edges, typically by dipping a fingertip into water and running it across the dry dough to dissolve the extra flour. As part of the sealing process, air is pressed out of the interior to avoid rupturing the wonton from internal pressure when cooked.

Here is a video showing you how to make wonton. 

Wonton wrapper can be bought in every Asien supermarkt. There are so many different wonton shapes and my wonton shape is a little different from that showed in video. 

Wantan 1

I boiled my wontons and served with chinese cabbage and coriander. Lecker 🙂 

Wantan 2

Go go goal!

Black/red/yellow, I am ready for FIFA Worldcup tonight : Germany vs USA 🙂 I keep it simple because I have to work before the game. If Germany could play in the final I will show you a real fan look 😀

Football Fan look

One year

It is really a very nice expericence to have this blog. Someone has asked me if no one visits my site and there is no ”like” will I still keep it up. Well, actually I don’t care about how the other people think about my blog. There are so many different reasons why people blogging.  But for me it is just like a random diary, and I do it rather for myself than for other people.  When someone happens to like one of my posts, I am really appreciated. I also read other blogs now and then, not quite often, cause I don’t have so much time. But  it is also very interesting to follow some extraordinary blogs and get to know people who are very different. Anyway, there is much fun with blogging.  

Song of the day — Prayer in C

30°C !

Finally 30°C, finally real summer! One day in Eifel national park, enjoying the heat, water and delicious fish. 

Rursee 2

Rursee 1


Summer hat

Hat is one of my favorite accesorries. Beautiful hats are not only stylish and they also protect us from strong UV light in summer.  I know many women (especially white women) enjoy long exposure under sun shine, but it is really a bad habit for the skin. In Asien like China, Japan and Korea the women use umbrella made from special textile against sun light, however it would be very strange in European if a woman does the same. Thus a summer hat like this is a nice alternative. 🙂



Delicious breakfast with German bread

Breakfast helps us start our day nicely 🙂 here is one of my breakfast this week with multi-grain German bread:


I fried the egg with coconut oil, which was my first try to use coconut oil for cooking. It was amazing! And I used caviar cream (the white cream on the bread) instead of butter, yummy! ❤

Papaya smoothie




  • 1/2 Papaya (peel, core and cut into small pieces)
  • 150 g Plain Yoghurt
  • 150 mL Milk
  • Some Melissa leaves (optional, but I love the tasty)
  • 1 Tsp Sugar or Honey (optional)


I have tried two different ways for the decoration as well as the photo composition.  It took really much time to get a good idea and to find the best angle, but I had a lot of fun. 🙂



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