Paris — Place des Vosges

A perfect sunny afternoon in the Place des Vosges ‚̧ ūüėÄ

Place des Vosges 1

Lovely kids played around.

Place des Vosges 2 



My pancake recipe

This is my recipe for pancakes with bear leek leaves :

For 1~2 portions ( 4 pancakes):

flour 80 g / water 200 mL / egg   1 / bear leek leaves, cut in small pieces (spinach or spring onion is also very good) / salt  1 teaspoon / suger  1 teaspoon /  butter 

1. mix flour, water and egg together

2. add bear leek leaves , salt and suger to 1, mix well (maybe you think it is weird, why suger? My father told me with some suger the taste will be better even the pancakes are not sweet at all when they are finished. )

3. heat the frying pan ( my cooker has 3 levels, I use level 2 ) and put some butter or margarine in it

4. give 1/4 of the well mixed 2 into the pan and fry both side ~2 min. (it really depends on your own cooker and pan)


You can cut them into small pieces and serve them like this ūüôā¬†


Paris — Ch√Ęteau de Versailles

With train RER line C (there are different lines of RER C, the C5 VICK is the right one) to the last¬†station Versailles River Gauche you reach the palace of Versailles. Again I recommend you to buy the ticket early. I didn’t do this and had to wait 40 minutes at ticket office. You can choose only to visit the palace (2~3 hours, ) or palace + garden (3~4 hours), or palace + garden + the Grand / Petit Trianon and Marie-Antoinette’s estate (5~6 hours)

Ticket office and the entrances are seperatet. Entrance A is to the palace, H is to the garden and other areas. The waiting time at entrance A is about 40 min. ~ 1 hour in the tourist season, but to the garden only a few minutes. I was at first in the garden and Trianon Palaces and Marie-Antonette’s estate, then I came back to the palace. I thought the line must be shorter than that in the morning, but unfortunately I was wrong. After 45 min. I entered the palace. If you need audio guide, there is another waiting line! 20 min., I guess. It was 5 pm, I only have 90 min. left (the palace is closed at 6:30 pm) so I skipped the audio guide. ¬†it was so crowded even in late afternoon and I had no interest to take photos anymore. There are only a few photos of¬†the palace:

Versailles 1

Here are some photos about the gardens. I personlly like the¬†Marie-Antoinette’s¬†garden (photo #4~ #7) very much, which is very lovely and has a quite different style than the other places of the Versailles.¬†

Versailles 2

Some photos of me ūüôā The rose necklace¬†fits the garden quite well ūüėõ and the pink tights (#Falke#, I am just obssesed with¬†the colorful tights from Falke!) are really delightful. ‚̧ The last two photos are with sketch effect, just a small experiment.¬†

Versailles 3

Paris — Musee du Louvre

I stronly suggest that you buy the Ticket online or from one of ¬†the tourist information centres (there are many in Paris city) before you head to Musee du Louvre. It will save ¬†a lot of time. Furthermore, there are more than one entrance. Just look around and compare which line is the shortest. Since I am not a huge museum fan, I ony arranged 3 hours for the Louvre. I arrived at 6:30 pm on Friday evening (open hour on Friday and Wednesday is from 9 am till 9:45 pm ) and was able to enter the museum directly. I have even seen Mona Lisa and Venus very closly, which is not possible in the daytime. ( Some people¬†said¬†the Mona Lisa is a fake! Tell me it is not true!! ūüė¶ ) The Pyramid is gorgeous at night, that is another reason why I chose evening for the visit .¬†

Musee du Louvre 1

Musee du Louvre 2

Paris — Seine River and Notre Dame

Perhaps the best choice of a walk along the Seine river is to walk towards Notre Dame and then around it. The view from the Pont Neuf that connect the Cite island ( Île de la Cité ) to the right bank is fabulous. 


I can’t tell how many times I have already read ” The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. When I saw the beautiful cathedral in front of me, I decided I will read it once more. It is such a pity that this time I couldn’t go inside of Notre Dame because there were really too many tourists waiting in the line. ūüė¶¬†

Notre Dame

Paris — Pont Alexandre III

Pont Alexandre III is the most magnificent bridge over the Seine river. On the one side of the bridge (left bank) is the Invalides and on the other side (right bank) are Grand Palais and Petit Palais. The Eiffel tower is also not far away. 

Pont Alexandre III 1 Pont Alexandre III 2

Love this geometric print skirt, which I bought in Paris ‚̧ .

Pont Alexandre III 3

Paris — Tour Eiffel

Eiffel tower is definetely the symbol of Paris. I have been in Paris 4 days and visited Tour Eiffel twice, once in the daytime and once at night. The nightview of Eiffel tower is amazing. So if you don’t have so much time, just visit the tower at night. Here is my tip: go to Tour Montparnasse and take the lift to the top platform (Ticket for adult 14.5 ‚ā¨ and for student 11.5 ‚ā¨, available before 10:30 pm). From here you can enjoy the nightview towards Eiffel tower and the panorama view of the whole city. After that take the metro 6 to Tour Eiffel and experience the giant tower closely. If you also want to climb¬†the tower, you should better¬†order ticket online early and with the reservation you can directly go to the entrance of the lift, otherwise you have to wait in an incredibly long line.

Tour Eiffel 1

Tour Eiffel 2


Song of the day — Black beauty




A super easy recipe of green asparagus

Today I bought green asparagus and made a very delicious dish within 15 minutes.

bacon asparagus

1. Cut asparagus in 10 cm pieces and blanch them  for 30 seconds.

2. Wrap 4 pieces of asparagus with 1 slice bacon.

3. Fried the bacon/asparagus rolls in a pan for about 5 minutes. (Oil is not necessary due to the fat in bacon.)

P.S. ,You don’t need to flavour this dish with any other spice because the bacon is very salty and further spice will weaken¬†the natural fresh taste of asparagus.¬†

Lamma island, Hongkong

I was there one year ago, winter time. But there is no winter on the island at all because of the low latitude. With ferry boat it takes half an hour from Hongkong to the island. Although Hongkong is quite modern, here is totally different, very traditional. Private automobiles are forbidden on the island. The life here is quiet and slow and you even feel the time is just frozen.

Lamma Island

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