Happy carnival — Fat Thursday (Fetter Donnerstag)

Carnival is a very important festival in the regions along the river Rhine, especially in North Rhine Westphalia. On the fat Thursday you can see many peoples with different interesting costumes walking on the street or even at the work. There are parties everywhere, with special carnival music. Everyone is happy! This year I didn’t have time to prepare my costume and just pretended as a japanese for the party. Well, a Chinese dresses as a Japanese, not very creative, but I still had fun. 

I don’t own a Kimono but I has a short morning gown in japanese style. Lynn has made a very beautiful red flower by herself for me which matches so well to the outfit. The red fan was a gift two years ago. So, without extra cost I had my carnival costume. 

20130228 Karneval Fetter donnerstag


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