I like green, but it is a tricky color for me because of my skin tone. My actural skin is darker than that on my photos and I personally find green looks fine with light skin. My suggetions for dark skin tone: 1. just use a bit of green for the whole outfit; 2. dark green is definitively better than bright green.




I change my favorite color every few years and black is never one of them. However, if I make a ranking about the colors in my wardrobe, black is surprisingly at the 1st place! Well, I must admit that black goes well with every other color. Is there any color which doesn’t match black? 


Of course a 100% black outfit is not mine, so I choose tights in other color. Here in the photo is dark green. Violet, wine red or royal blue tights should also be lovely. Or  for this outfit tights with prints are very chic, which work however only well with skinny legs.

Get ready for spring :)

 It is still a little bit cold here in Germany, but I cannot wait to embrace spring. 


The tasty strawberries and lovely flowers tell me the spring is coming soon. ❤

Strawberry 20140222

Flower 20140222

Rome under the sun

Roma 3

Roma 4

A gloomy rainy day in Rome

Roma 1

Roma 2

Naval by Yann Tiersen


Chinese traditional food market

Although nowadays  in China the young generation prefers to buy groceries in supermarket  just like here in Germany, I do love the old fashioned tradional free market. Perhaps you may think the market is not so tidy and hygienic as mordern supermarket, but if you want to get some really nice and fresh ingredients, the traditional one is definitely much better than a supermarket. And even if it seems like to be a little bit dirty, the groceries here are actually everyday fresh,  not like those in supermarkt which can be stored for several days in a wharehouse. 

Furthermore, it is funny to go through the market, just observing the bargain between traders and buyers, loud, vital and full of life, which I sometimes miss here in Germany.

Chinese Traditional Markt



Suffering from jetlag, painful…


Yayo by Lana del Rey



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