Old architecture in Peking

As the capital of China for hundreds of years, Peking is not only modern but also very traditional. I lived in Peking for 4 years but I never love this city from my heart. The only attraction for me is the history. In my opinion, our ancestors had much better tastes than we modern Chinese people. They were the real masters in so many things: architecture, painting, music, embroidery and other traditional handcraft. I really appreciate the amazing Chinese traditional architecture  here in Peking. Everyone knows nowadays China is changing very fast, especially in big cities. Old buildings are vanishing during the big construction projects, such a pity. But fortunately in Peking many old gorgeous architecture of imperial families remain intact and show us the high achievements of our forefathers.

There are some photos taken in 2008.

1. The Great Wall.

Great Wall

2. The Lama Temple, built in Qing Dynasty, is a Buddhist temple with mixed style of four nations: Man, Tibet, Han and Mongol, which you can tell from the four different characters on the plaque.

Yonge Palace

3. Two pavilions in Summer Palace.

Summer Palace

4. Chinese people like to use carved stone lions to guard their front doors. But this one is a bronze lion and very exquisite.


5. Animals on the roof, maximum is 12. The number of the animals depends on the status of the house owner. Only the royal family could have 12 animals on their roofs. (see the last photo of the post about Forbidden City: https://nonawang0110.wordpress.com/2014/01/14/forbidden-city/

Animals on Roof


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