Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year! Today is the first day of the year of the Horse.

Plum blossoms and the Chinese character “福” will bring you good luck in the new year.

happy chinese new year

Maybe you don’t know my hometown Chengdu, but you must know Panda. Yes, Chengdu is also the hometown of Panda. This pair of cute cartoon Panda with traditional Chinese outfits will bring you a lot of wealth in the coming year.

happy chinese new year 2

In many regions of China dumplings are the most popular food for the celebration, especially on the Chinese New Year’s Eve. There are so many different types and my favorite is the pan fried dumplings. Yummy 😀

happy chinese new year 3


Photo shooting from the past — Part I

OMG, these photos were shot almost 10 years ago!

Photo from past 1 sporty

Old architecture in Peking

As the capital of China for hundreds of years, Peking is not only modern but also very traditional. I lived in Peking for 4 years but I never love this city from my heart. The only attraction for me is the history. In my opinion, our ancestors had much better tastes than we modern Chinese people. They were the real masters in so many things: architecture, painting, music, embroidery and other traditional handcraft. I really appreciate the amazing Chinese traditional architecture  here in Peking. Everyone knows nowadays China is changing very fast, especially in big cities. Old buildings are vanishing during the big construction projects, such a pity. But fortunately in Peking many old gorgeous architecture of imperial families remain intact and show us the high achievements of our forefathers.

There are some photos taken in 2008.

1. The Great Wall.

Great Wall

2. The Lama Temple, built in Qing Dynasty, is a Buddhist temple with mixed style of four nations: Man, Tibet, Han and Mongol, which you can tell from the four different characters on the plaque.

Yonge Palace

3. Two pavilions in Summer Palace.

Summer Palace

4. Chinese people like to use carved stone lions to guard their front doors. But this one is a bronze lion and very exquisite.


5. Animals on the roof, maximum is 12. The number of the animals depends on the status of the house owner. Only the royal family could have 12 animals on their roofs. (see the last photo of the post about Forbidden City: https://nonawang0110.wordpress.com/2014/01/14/forbidden-city/

Animals on Roof

Hello from China

I have almost forgotten that the initial idea of this blog site is about fashion.  Well, my last post of my outfit was on Nov. 11, 2013. Definitely I have shared too many travel photos in the last two months. The first reason for the lack of outfits photos is I am busy with other stuff. Second, in winter the lighting of my apartment in Germany is really not that good.

Since a few days I am on holiday with my family in China. My room here is very bright and I will certainly go shopping for my wardrobe, so I hope I can upload more outfits in the next time.


Sweater and Blouse: H&M
Necklace: Fossil

PS. WordPress is actually not accessible from Mainland, China. With a special program I can open the site, however very slowly and unsteadily.  Probably I can’t upload quite often. Sorry about that.

Forbidden City

Forbidden City, Peking, China, in 2008 during Olympic game.
It is so difficult to choose some  photos for this post. The first and second time I visited Forbidden City was in 1998 and 2001. At that time  I didn’t have a digital camera. This was my third time there. I had a digital camera but absolutely no idea about photography. It is such a pity that besides these 5 photos I don’t have any more to show you the gorgeous Forbidden City. (The rest photos in the folder I can completely delete, they are awful.) I do hope to travel to Peking again and get some really good shots.
Forbidden City

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Hey, here is the second post about China 😀

How do you like this view? Breathtaking, isn’t it? It was my China trip last year. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a very popular tourist attraction in the southwest province Yunnan.

This one was taken at the foot of the mountain.

Lijiang Yunnan China

These two were taken on the mountain, more than 4000 meters above the sea level.

Lijiang Yunnan China 2

Lijiang Yunnan China 3

Leshan Giant Buddha

Ever heard of Leshan Giant Buddha, the biggest stone Buddha (71 m / 233 feet) in the world, which was constructed in Tang Dynasty, from AD 713 to AD 803. 
These photos were taken in 2008 in Leshan, Sichuan Province, China. Without wide angle it was impossible to get a complete image of the huge Buddha. 😦 But it was really really impressive when I saw it with my own eyes.
For more information:
Leshan Budda
PS. this is my first post about China, unbelievable. 😦 Only because most of time I am in Germany.  Well, I will try to share more about China from now on.

This week in photos

1. Shoes obsession

I was losing my mind again and bought 3 pairs at one time 😦


2. Nice to sweet you 😀

shopping spree in Lindt shop, preparing the trip back home for Chinese spring festival (Chinese new year)


3. Someone was getting one year older…

Birthday wishes from Frankfurt (Ramona, how lovely to be your friend <3)


4. Surprise from USA (Clemens, you are the best friend ever! Schoen, dass es dich gibt :D)

chocolate bars with potato chips and beef jerky???????????? 😛  How should they taste???????????


5. BANG!  From my Chinese fellows!


6. Let’s get the party started! Ladies Night with Lynn.


7. Ever tried Hot Pot (Sichuan Style) ?

Sichuan is my hometown and very famous for its cuisine. Hot Pot is one of the best. This was the birthday dinner with my friends in a Sichuan Restaurant in Aachen. HEAVENLY!


The way I am by Ingrid Michaelson

Photo from the past —- Sacher Cafe in Vienna

Sacher Torte

April 2012, in Sacher Cafe, Vienna.

I didn’t know my friend was taking a picture of me and it is a little bit blurry, but still, one of my favorite photos.

And, the Sacher Torte was really great.  😀 http://www.sacher.com/original-sacher-torte/

la vie en rose by Cheer Chen

(just a cover, and her pronunciation of French may be not good, but I  love her voice so much)

I am sitting next to the window, starring at the sky…

A very bad day…


(by iphone)

So many traces left by airplanes,

Can’t just one of them TAKE ME AWAY?

(from internet)

The edge by Cheer Chen

I sat on the chair watching the rising sun revitalise
I sat on the setting sun looking at the feeble city
I pluck a leaf, may it represent me
To observe the changes after I left

Talks of dashing, dancing and greed in the past
Begins to rot as the heart gets cold and wet

Let the rain corrode those that cannot be taken or thrown away!
Let it be pushed towards me on the border
And struggle daringly

If there is a cuddle, bravery waive off all consequences
Prevent me from flying and take me up tenderly

I consign whatever that cannot be taken away or retained.
Let it wave around care-freely as it holds onto my palm

If there is a turbid world beyond words
Forgive me for flying as I once hold sentiment for the sun

If there is a turbid world beyond words
I will fall in love with it madly

If there is a cuddle, bravery waive off all consequences
Prevent me from flying and take me up tenderly

Forgive me for flying as I once hold sentiment for the sun

Translated by http://gordonator.com/2009/02/26/cheer-chen-qi-zhens-new-album-songs-translation/#comment-21634

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