Istanbul II

Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also known as Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque


Istanbul I

Heavenly golden horn!

Istanbul 1

An appetizer for caviar lover

For one portion : 1 hard boiled egg and 2 spoons of caviar

1. Halve the egg and remove the yolk

2. Put 1 spoon caviar in each half egg


20131215 (2)


Sunshine in winter

sunshine in winter

“Good morning, yesterday

you wake up and time has slipped away

and suddenly it is hard to find

the memories you left behind

remember, do you remember……”


Music :  Times of your life by Joanna Wang

Side part or middle part?

Some useful tips to find the right part for your hair:

for middle part lovers:


Plus: Bed hair + naked face


Schloss Drachenburg


An absolutely lovely castle in the small town Königswinter. 

More information:

Pink it up!

This hot pink can definitely cheer me up in such gloomy winter.

pink it up

Asian sour and spicy shrimp soup

Super easy and super delicious!

 1. Fry all the ingredients (chili, garlic, spring onion, celery and carrots) besides lemon and lime leaves  in the 1. photo together with some hot oil for 30 seconds.

2. Give 400 mL chicken soup or water together with lemon and lime leave to 1 and cook the soup for several minutes.

3. Put the shrimps into the soup and cook for another few minutes. Done!

It would be best when you use shrimps with shell because the shell would give more intensive flavor.




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