Perfect time for hats

There is no better time than winter to wear hats. They not only keep us warm but also make us stylish. Furthermore, if you have no time or no idea to do your hair, hat is a perfect solution!




Macau was a portuguese colony until 1999. For mainland chinese,  Macau and Hongkong were very mysterious, which we could only see in the television. Nowadays Macau and Hongkong are not forbidden cities for us anymore, though we still need special document for the travel.

Macau is known by countless casinos, indeed, you can see them everywhere.

Macau Casino

Typical colonial architecture in Macau:

Macau Kolonie Architektur

Despite the  long colonial time Maucau still has many  traditional chinese features. (I would like to say Hongkong and Macau are even more traditional than the mainland cities.) 

Left:  big fortress. Right: a small temple at the corner of a street. Bottom: a nice couple with their chestnut stall.


Residential districts,not quite mordern but very clean and quiet.

Macau Wohngebiet

New blouse

I saw this blouse (#only#) behind the store window and was immediately attracted by the details on the collar and shoulder as I was going through the passage of the central railway station in Cologne. They didn’t have my size but  I just wanted it very much, so I took one size bigger.With a belt (#H&M#) it appears to fit quite well.



Frankfurt, 7:15am

Good morning!




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