Pompeii — back to ancient times

As a big fan of the TV series  《Spartacus》, I was so happy about the opportunity to visit Pompeii. Walking through the ruins of Pompeii I felt that I just went back to the time of ancient Rome.



The last post of some outfits this summer + today’s outfit

I have sorted my pictures of this summer and found some unedited ones.

20130923 2

Today’s outfit:


In the early fall you can just wear a sweater over a summer dress for the season transition . A pair of boots also add some feeling of fall to the whole outfit.

My favorite sweater

I love everything of this fuzzy cropped sweater ( Etam ) : the fabric, the black white tone and the geometric print. Most of all, it is unbelievably soft.

fuzzy sweater


I was in Zürich two years ago for a weekend. So far, Zürich is my favorite European city.

Zurich 1

Zurich 2

In my eyes, lake Zürich makes this city very special. Zürich is at the northwest tip of lake Zürich and you can take a short or a long boat trip on the lake from Burkliplatz, which is just in the center of the city. The water is very clean and there are many public bath areas along the shore. The view from the boat is so amazing that you may forget you are still in a metropolis.

Zurich 3

This lovely Polybahn takes you to the campus of the very famous ETH university, which is probably the best technical university in European (Perhaps even better than RWTH and TUM in Germany).

Zurich 4 Polybahn

This is the view from the terrace of the main building of ETH.

Zurich 5

Of course you shouldn’t miss FIFA when you are already in Zurich.

Zurich 6 FIFA

Another tip: there is a toy museum, which is quite small but full of lovely different dollhouses. ( I forget the address, but you can find it in the city guide. )

Zurich 7

A watch and clock shop

Zurich 8

At last, the yummy cakes of the Sprüngli café on Paradeplatz 😀

Zurich 9


Sometimes I want neither dark colors like black or grey nor strong bright colors like red or orange, I choose nude. Nude is not a specific color but a broad category. It describes a range of skin tone colors, neutral and feminine. The other advantage of nude is: if you are not sure which color matches you, nude is always safe.


Nail polish: P2 (031 love letter)
Lipstick: Maybelline (742 luminous beige)
Hairband and necklace: I am

This sunday in photos

Lunch in Mama Tai (http://www.mamatai.de/index.html)

The first one is green papaya salad with roasted peanut and fresh mint. It is a very light but delicious dish, and so are the sushi.

Sushi in Mama Tai

 The treasury chamber of the Aachen cathedral

1. Karl der Große (Charles the Great)   2. Crown (obviously 🙂 )   3. Crosier   4. Lock (I like the colorful stones.)


View from the terrace of the cathedral


Two pieces of art in the market


A lovely cupcake-café (http://cuperella.de/)


(All photos were taken with a Casio digital camera.)



Tee: Pull&Bear
Shorts: H&M
Cap: New Era

Yesterday was a sporty day, not only because of this outfit. 2 hours intense sport after work (without break) nearly killed me…

Some fruit after sport was just wonderful.


Summertime is gone

I just don’t want to say good bye to summer.

These pictures were taken in Thailand in May and this journey was the beginning of this summer. I am glad that I have started my summer in such a foreign country, despite the long distance and the deep sorrow.


Are you REALLY happy?


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