Finally! New post for the past week :)

I was busy in the past week, also at the weekend. Last Saturday I was at the wedding of a good friend. It was a really big ceremony with super atmosphere. Here are some photos:

Wedding 4 (2) Mmmmm…. yummy:

Wedding 4 (3)

My outfit:

Wedding 4 (1)

Perhaps I should be more colorful or wear at least a dress with brighter color for the next wedding. 😀



Love and joy forever

Today a guy asked me for some photos of my cousin. I opened the folder of her photos on my computer and saw her wedding album she sent me last year. It was such a pity that I missed her wedding in china. But thanks to the photos I can image how happy they were on that day. 

There are some really romantic shots from the album. (Sorry, the photos were highly compressed as she sent to me.)

Wedding 2 

Currently loving

1. Blouse in navy blue (Millows). Here are three outfits with it. Apparently there will be more possible combinations with this blouse. The most beautiful part is the black lace on the back.

2. Black wool hat (H&M). Recently I am wearing this hat almost every day, even though some friends find it not so cool. 😛 Anyway, I am loving it.

3. Triple belt in three colors (Esprit), very practical and versatile.

Currently loving 1


Currently loving 2


Currently loving 3

Starry starry night


By Vincent van Goghat Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France, in 1889

Can you also feel the twist and struggle?

I am always thinking about this painting and this song since the last trip in Netherlands, though the painting is not in Van Gogh Museum. Perhaps it will be a reason for a travel to new york. Yes, one reason is enough. 

for the readers in Germany who can not play this video on Youtube:

Joanna Wang — Vincent – MyVideo

Attention: Skull!

The combination of soft and hard is absolutely my favorite. So metal, rivet and skull are the important elements in my outfits. I am totally a skull fan. Here are some nice pictures I collected from Internet. You see skull can be designed in clothing, shoes, bags and other accessories.

Skull 2

Alexander McQueen was the MASTER to create the skull trend in high fashion. This is the collection 2013. All the items are gorgeous, especially the clutches and the bracelet. But I can not afford any one of them. 😦  They are so expensive…

Skull Alexander McQueen

My chiffon skull scarf is only 10 Euro with surprisingly good quality. The sweater costs 50 Euro and earrings 7 Euro. I am very satisfied with them. 😀


Random shots of Aachen

I have been living in Aachen for three years.

” 每个人都有两个自己,一个假装快乐,一个真心难过。”  That is exactly how I feel during the past 3 years here in Aachen.

Jimmy Chou

Aachen 1

Aachen 2

Top: Zara
Skirt: H&M
Bag: Assima
Shoes: Pretty Ballerinas
Sunglasses: Fossil

Yes, it is real

It is my real hair…

Curly hair

… done with this kind of triple hair curler.

Triple hair curler


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