Young and Beautiful is one month old :-)

The chinese celebrate when the baby is one month old. One month, 772 views. The traffic is much better than I expected, since there is no access to the WORDPRESS in China.  Thank all of you to visit my site. My blog history is quite long. My old blog site began in MSN MYSPACE eight years ago since I have been in Germany. I used the blog to share my life here with my family and my friends in china. After a few years the MSN sold the whole MYSPACE to the WORDPRESS, my chinese friends can’t visit the site anymore so I gave up more or less. But sometimes I think it is such a pity that I stop blogging. It is like diary to help me to store my memory and share a part of me with the persons who really care about me.

The idea of this blog came from my activity in a forum. They upload their outfits pictures and discuss whether they are good or not. I have also joined the discussion for several days. But I realized such posts in a forum or other social networks such as facebook, twitter or instagram are too chaotic so I decided to create a new blog site. It is different from my old one. I don’t want to tell more stories in chinese because there are other social networks in china which are exclusive for my chinese contacts. I am quite sensitive to every beautiful thing, natural or artificial. In my opinion, the ability of appreciation reveals a lot of personality. So just let pictures tell you stories.

Taking pictures and editing them is not an easy job for an amatuer like me. Can’t image how much time and effort the professional bloggers spend on their posts. But for me it is still less painful than writing text in english. 😀 😀 Thank you again to read my blog and I will try to update regularly. Don’t forget, everyone is YOUNG and BEAUTIFUL.


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